Raleigh Tablet Repair

Warp Systems offers repair services on Apple iPad and Android tablets!

Our diagnostics are free and once we diagnose the problem you’re having with your tablet, we will provide you with a fast quote on repairing your tablet.

The most common problem with an iPad or Android tablet is a cracked screen or broken glass. Touch screens have two layers of glass that make up the display. The lower layer is the LCD that generates the image. The top layer is called a digitizer. The digitizer is the layer of glass you touch with your fingers. It turns that input into digital instructions for your apps. If you see or feel cracks in the glass, but can still see the image on the screen clearly, it is most likely the digitizer that is broken. A broken digitizer may also mean that the screen does not respond to your touch commands. If there are colors, lines, or bleeding edges on your display, then that is an LCD issue.  We can repair either problem. We see perhaps 10 broken digitizers for every broken LCD, we can tell you which problem your have but usually it will be the digitizer.

We keep iPad digitizers and LCD screens in stock so we can quickly turn around your repair. Due to the large number of different Android tablets, we generally have to order the correct parts for these tablets.

Shipping time is normally 3-5 business days.

Please bring / ship your AC adapter with your tablet!  And Please let us know if there was any liquid / water damage to your tablet. 

Android Tablet Repair

Pricing for Android repairs is similar to that for iPads.   Please note that it does not make sense to spend $129 to repair a tablet that you bought from a discount store for $115.  Unfortunately we see many very cheaply made tablets that fail sometimes days after purchase, however well made tablets such as the Nexus or Xoom are worth repairing and will provide years of use.



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