Used & Refurbished Laptops Raleigh, NC

If you are looking for an affordable used laptop computer, come see us at Warp.  We have been selling refurbished ThinkPad laptops on a regular basis since 1997.

We have many used and refurbished laptop computers for sale. You can also tell us what you are looking for and we can recommend what is best suited for your needs.

Our Raleigh store is open to the public, and we also can field  higher volume/quantity requests from businesses and government agencies.

Our main objective is to provide you, the customer, with a quality machine at an affordable price. Our previously owned laptops have been tested and refurbished by certified technicians. We typically have 10-20 machines in stock, so chances are we will have what you need!

Most of our refurbished laptops will be priced in the $150 to $600 range. And we also typically have tablets for sale.

We can transfer your data from an old machine to a new one. We can also upgrade the amount of memory, size of hard drive or version of operating system on a machine in stock to meet your needs.

All machines come with a limited warranty against defects; if at any time during this period your laptop stops because of a component failure, we will fix it at no cost.


Warp Systems